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Lindy Hop

6-week Course $60/person

Ask us any questions you might have or RSVP for the class right now, drop me a note Paul@SwingReview.com or call 864.346.5524

You will work on making your basics solid and smooth, take it for the first time or for review and get in some practice making everything a bit more comfortable. You will also work on 8-10 leadable moves perfect for any social dancing in the Southeast or beyond. You will explore new ideas on spicing up your footwork and getting a better lead & follow connection with your partner. This class will move at a slower pace than our weekend "Crash Courses" also with a smaller class size, the focus will be more on Quality of your dancing. Also we will be coaching you for 6 hours to give you ideas and homework to help improve your skills on the social dance floor.

If you have no idea what Lindy Hop is please ask for my "5 min Swing History" article. Now if you LOVE Swing dancing you need to take this class. Beware, you will not learn Lindy Hop in an hour but you can get a good overview of the basics and what all is involved. It takes a good bit of practice to learn the change to an 8-count rhythm, the new footwork and mixing in what you already know. Plan on spending 2-3+ months getting comfortable with the material we cover. You will learn basic patterns, improvisation and playing with the dance to create "your own style" of swing!

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We love to have a balanced ratio of dancers.

Paul Hoke