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December 11, 2012

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No dance tonight, Dec 11

We always send out a Twitter update the day these are called off.

Next week, Dec 18, we are back for Tuesday night dances at the Handlebar. Final exams wil be over and the college crowd should be joining us to blow off the frustration of a deep thinking hard working semester, or just to get their dance on.

A Night of Swing at UpstateSwing

We will have a Christmas party so feel free to dress festive and leave those ugly sweaters at home! You will be dancing and anything with "sweat" in the name is probably not a great idea to wear when hoping to dance with a partner.

We would love to see elf hats, reindeer antlers or left over strands of garland.

Holiday Dancing.

Are we dancing over the Holidays? ABSOLUTLY!

Christmas and NEW YEARS!

We will dance Wed night both weeks.

Halloween Swing

Huge Thanks to Ivy at Creartsy Photography

You might find yourself in this mix of pics or in the Thriller video below. Ivy has posted some really outstanding pictures up on her online album.

Hit this link. Like her page. And drop a comment letting her know how much you enjoy her work.

I have to say what a fun party it was and you all really brought the creativity once again.

The 5 weeks of Thriller lessons were a huge help and Ansley did an amazing job teaching, so many of you who started with out a hint of what to do.

I hope next year we will have more of you be a part of this dance!

Skip to :48 for the fun to begin here during the costume contest.

Thanks to all of you for making Greenville Swing for 14 wonderful years!!!

What is coming for 2013?

Swing/Lindy Classes

We are finally putting together some small group (8 ppl) classes for those of you in the Greenville area.

YES! These are especially for those who have been wonderfully relentless in bugging me to offer something beyond the basics.

Would you like to join in?

If you are interested in learning a new moves and are comfortable and/or bored with your basics send me a note and I'll get you more info on the different levels we of material we will offer.

Some of you need more step, step, rock step vocabulary and some of you eat and sleep Swingouts and Charlestons.

We want to make sure we get you in a class with people that will help you learn some fun new material. HMU (Hit me up, is what the cool kids say)

Monday night Clemson Dances

Monday night Clemson Dances will resume the last week in Jan.

For this semester That's all Folks.

If you wonder what classes we offer in Leisure Skills at Clemson you can check out the schedule for next semester.

Eliza's Favorites

That guy from House.

Swing Music Film.

From the WAY back machine.

Everybody likes free music!

Paul Hoke
Greenville, SC