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Swing Dance Pictures

PHOTO: Red Cross - 2008

Red Cross - 2007




PHOTO: New Years Party - 2007

New Years Party - 2007

It is the Roaring Twenties; The Jazz Age. An era characterized by economic prosperity, social and political turbulence, and new forms of art and music. Tonight it is Goons, Girls, and Gambling night at Plunkett's; a regular legitimate restaurant in the North Side of Chicago by day; but by night, a speakeasy where the most sordid and seedy characters gather to drink, mingle and otherwise engage in impetuous behavior.

PHOTO: Salute to the Troops 2006

Salute to the Troops - 2006

Salute To The Troops began as a celebration of the 60th anniversary of the end of WWII. It was designed to be a retrospective of dance from the forties and to pay tribute to veterans who had served in WWII. But that soon grew to include veterans of all foreign wars...and then, "What about our troops now serving?" Why not salute all of those valiant ones serving in our Armed Services? And so Salute To The Troops was born!

PHOTO: Halloween 2005

Halloween - 2005

Halloween Party (our 7 year Anniv for Swing) Friday, Oct 28 - 8pm

YES! We are encouraging you to dress up vintage attire, crazy-scary costume or biz casual.

Costume ideas from our Halloween party in 2000.

PHOTO: Halloween 2000
PHOTO: Superbowl 2000