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What social dances should I learn?


I've got a friend that is wanting to take dancing lessons other than swing. (He wants to learn swing as well.) Is there a place that you would recommend in Greenville where he can learn other social dances? Any suggestions would be appreciated.


Latin club dances like Salsa, Merengue or more formal Ballroom dances? like Waltz, Foxtrot, Rumba Is he looking for some basic skills to get him by at parties or does he want formal ballroom training?

Carolina Shag is the dance of choice at any party in SC. Lead smoothly get down some fancy footwork and I promise you will be the life of any party.

As for Ballroom, I don't see it much on the social dance floor at parties or weddings unless the event is specifically for Ballroom dancers.

At your next party ask the DJ to play a beech or shag tune and he will probably give you a choice of 50 songs. Ask for a Waltz or a Foxtrot and I doubt he be able to help you much.

Just saying this so you know to carry some music with you if your going to use your skills at the next wedding or business party.

Either way

Start with our $5 Swing lesson.
Swing is the most useful and universal social dance in the world and you will use the lead and follow skills with all other social dances you want to learn. A spin is a spin no matter if you are using a Swing, Latin or Waltz rhythm it is the footwork and the style/flair that changes.

Unless you are planning on putting in several hours of practice and social dancing I would not recommend you tackle more that two rhythms or dance styles at a time. With most male students, taking more than two styles causes confusion and frustration, something you don't want when your trying to enjoy your time on the dance floor.

If you are going to learn more than the basics of a dance you will need to use the dance frequently for several months or it will not enter long term memory and your money for lessons is out the window.

Again, give me an idea of what he wants to learn and I'll get him the info on who can best meet his needs.

I hope you don't mind I gave you the long answer so I could also add this to some of the other Questions & Answers we are adding to the website.

Hope this helps