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What [Swing Dance] classes should I take?


I've enjoyed coming to the swing night at the handlebar a couple times, but I would like to take a more formal class where I could learn a few moves in swing or shag. I think I may be too late to begin your 4-week class on Sundays. When will your next beginner's class begin?


I'm really working on a "road map for beginner dancers" and if you keep kicking me in the butt maybe I'll get it done sooner than later.

My advice at this point. Take the lesson at the Handlebar until you know it so well you could teach it yourself, and you can chat with your partner while doing all of the moves.

Take the lesson and use the triple step rhythm instead of the single time the others are doing.

After 3-6 of lessons sign up for our 6-week Lindy Class.

After that you are welcome to join our routines class that meets for 6 weeks for 2 hours on Sunday afternoons. We take a performance routine slow it down a bit and delete any particularly unsafe aerials and you learn it! You come away with probably 20-30 moves some leadable and some really eye catching.

On the other hand if you don't like the material in these classes or would like to move at a faster pace I do have some openings for private lessons on Monday nights starting in about 2 weeks.

Again take the Handlebar lessons with the triple step timing. We hope to start another 4 week Shag class, after the baby arrives, late March or early April.

We currently don't offer a Shag routines class but it is something we would like to do in the future. Keep talking it up to your friends and if we can get 8-10 people involved we will schedule a class.

Hope this is helpful, in fact I think I'm going to post it on the web for others to reference as well.

Thanks for getting me started on the "Road Map."